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A home for the swimmers

Its been a while that we were planning a project to build up a home for the swimmers in our tubby pond in the balcony. Our planning was amazing and spanned for over 2 years. Starting from the time we found a perfect use for our kid’s bathtub, we have been thinking of having a fountain or something similar in the tub. Finally, we took to all odds and started working on the pond. The initial days were great. Freshwater ..healthy fish and amazing growth. and one day all this stopped and we were looking at a pond full of fish waste together with dirt and dead fish itself. Not all were dead though..but it did push me into a habit of cleaning it every 2 weeks. All the water used to be drained out into closets and partly into the nearby flower pots. Everything would be hail and hearty for 2 days but would return to muddy and musky water and more dead fishes. Losing all hope I even thought of putting an end to all the hard work and attention the pond was getting. Most of my weekends used to go in cleaning the pond and also a dirty commode and stinky pots.

It was at this time we thought of installing a water fountain. And off we started building the fountain with a hope that circulating water might help to maintain the overall health of the pond. Nothing worked. All we got was a feng shui resembling homemade fountain about which I did boast around for a few days. 🙂

Post the failed fountain episode, the pond went from bad to worse. Stinking water and striking disappointment everywhere.

We finally decided to build up our knowledge and shed the overconfidence of folks who know everything. With the newly gathered learning, we started off building a filter system for our pond. On the drawing board, the

1 > water Inlet from the pond into the filter box

2 > Layers

  1. Top Layer (pebbles) –>
  2. Layer 2 (polyether filter foam) –>
  3. Layer 3 (activated Carbon pack)
  4. Layer 4 (polyether filter foam) –>
  5. Bottom Layer –> Pebbles

3> Outlet into the fish pond

We installed it referencing the videos on youtube and our age-old pride which I mentioned above and made a filter box.

Inserting few pictures here 🙂


Results :

I didn’t have the courage to post a “before” photo. It was anyways a dark brown stagnant water body. After running the filter for close to 2 hours, the results were astonishing and unbelievable.

Closing this bit with a belief that anything is possible if you just want to get something done…. 🙂





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New belief..True Belief

The beliefs which I had

The worships which I made

No matter how small, it pays

Found a new way, for the mortal days

A sage, more wiser than a king

Seeking the truth, me a mere underling

It’s the 10 worlds of truthfulness

Cleansing me of the ruthlessness

Searching for the ray of light

In the dark, with all its might

Like Truth against a wall of lies

Like death, the only price for our lives

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Happy, really Happy

Off-late I have been writing..I mean..really writing..Have been spending time with words rather than thinking about them..

I was for some reason cocooned in a sleeve of negativity about anything and everything near, dear or far from me.

But now

I am Happy, really Happy
Dont Care who thinks what
Life is just so great
Most enough to make me happy

Lost emotions are meant to go
wont hold back,let them loose
Thoughts were never your own
someone forced them in though

whats left are mostly dreams
even words came from thoughts
wishes germed from sights
its all same in our realms

do not matter, the wordly sins
let them live, or just die
what matters is just nothing
but I am happy, really Happy




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Few Bad Lines

When rhymes don’t match
When the lines don’t catch
When you just write to write
A bad verse is just right

Food for the critics, to gulp it full
Nothing hard for the brain in your skull
The line above was real crap
Don’t mistake it for a rap

Those who talk sometimes do scream
The writers find something to dream
Just love this flow, it’s what I am
Not a poet, but one who writes bad lines

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For the days left…

I have been living for you
The way you always wanted
Thinking like you and about you
I was almost dead when born

Today, I am not reborn so are you
No light told me to live alone
A thought that just froze my time
What if I die before time

I have not done anything
I have not lived for myself
I did nothing for anyone
Leave few things that don’t matter

Today, if I die I will surely cry
My way of life now takes a turn
With days numbered for everyone
Why should I care, I will just leave….


I wonder why….

When the day shines bright

Why do we a moon at night

I wonder why its so bright

And less of a light at night

With the oceans so big and wide

Washing ashore with every tide

I wonder why it loves the land

Every wave sweeps away some sand

When the winds do scream

And the trees sway in their realm

I wonder why the leaves dance

Just to fall off in a trance

I wonder why I just wrote

I wonder why you just read

I wonder the way this works

I wonder to wonder over and over….