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Never for-GIVE or for-GET

When I take a look at what ever has happened in my life so far, I just feel empty. All those mixed emotions start creeping in..Many topics including insults, death & failures cover up my mind..Well as someone said “Move On”..I am moving on..only to regret later that I followed what that fella wanted me to do..have much to blabber about..

Then came a time when I stood at one point and thought..”what am I actually doing with my life?”..I never did get an answer..and at that point in time, no thoughts crept in to my mind..well..and wola!!…things were very clear…when it comes to me..I am the one who freaking decides what I am supposed to do..I work not for someone..but with someone to achieve a goal..I live not for someone but with someone to be happy and make them happy..and I remember someone not because I just loved them but because I lived with them and was happy with them..

I didnt move anywhere..Pretty much standing where I was couple of years back…and I dont have any plans to move anywhere…

and as a good one friend who believed in brown ants once said “you just cant do this”..hahaha…I feel bad for that person…coz today they are not able to do it better than what I had done.”..wola what a feeling..but actually what I just did was a benefit to them and pure frustration to me…I now prefer to stand outside the line and see what they are doing and how much I can be of help…

So..always mind what they did to you..who knows they might need you tomorrow to fix their SELF up…




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Gather – Not give :)

I recently read in a famous self help book that I should find happiness…and the examples are like paying toll for the person right behind me…just to make their day…I dont know why that would bring me happiness…people always claim that life is about giving and sacrifies…but wola!!!…i just dont agree…

what have you given so far in life ????

Money to charity — reason : you have a sense of satisfaction that some one else is happy – beneficiary – YOU
Helping hand — that someone would be in need and you are sure about that…Frequency — once in a while —satisfaction –beneficiary – YOU
Charity – many pay anonymously– but do ensure that the money is portrayed in one way or other for their own benefits…beneficiary – YOU

Ask me — I have never given away anything in life…

“Rather than giving away something which obviously doesnot belong to you…cant we just gather something which might be tough on others”

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Life without a TITLE

Every one has a dream..some look at achieving it after 20 years and some in a day…what ever teh cause may be…people still dream. I too have a dream…I dream that I have a dream which will help me from stop dreaming and have everythign in reality…dangerous as it may sound…the feeling would be freaky to see soemthign in your dreams right in front of your eyes..

nevermind whatever is written above…it was after all a dream…

Give it a shot!!…see a dream…and live it for one day…what ever the implications may be…just live your dream for one day…

the worst that would happen tomorrow is that you would nto be having the dream but there will always be a satisfaction that the dream is achieved…wont that be a better thing to do..

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Work – to live

We all work. .either for someone or for our self. .the question is “Do we live to work OR Work to live?”. I know and have seen folks working late nights to ensure that they get a great performance review. Hope is that when they get a good review, a salary hike wil follow and can take their families out on a vacation. .BUT. .since he got a good review, he is expected to work more and more. .We normally would think and plan and plan and plan. .obvious weitage given to the work. .vacation cut short so that we can get back. .and when we are back. .rather than being happy and relaxed. .what we have is guilt and frowns. .

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First Step

Drenched in sweat, I stood patting off the dust
behind me my house burned all amber and red
trying hard to live was my soul resting in peace
life not one to begin and death no end a must

wind blew in my hair the sun tried hard to burn
have seen my faces all pale and afraid of all
not a revenge this is and neither is this a return
I sure have had my losses but now it is my turn

The blood is same and so is everything, but me
a soul put to rest and wished well by the near ones
all hidden and safe, they stay as they were but killed
no mercy shown, to expect was all the fault from me

dont scare revenge, I dont possess will to come back
pained to forget and lost much to bring out my self
you will stain my soul, a thought of a wicked existence
be gone and if you return, wont find me on your track


 Good Bye ol’ folks and ants!!!!

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I wont call this a rebirth simply because I start blogging again..it sure wont make any sense since I was never born..forget being alive..

All these long…a couch potato on a not so comfy indian sofa and sipping on coffee and occasionally something fizzy…that is what life was for me..I will keep one sad phase out of this note and move on to something which happened right after that…

I moved to a megapolis…okay…the so called megapolis of india where everything including survival depends on how fast your reflexes are…an old schooler…and one hell of a lazy bone that I am…things took a while to move ahead…

and one day..sitting in the bus..on my way to work…stuck in traffic…annoyed with the heat and the horrid scent of my neighbours deo, i just had on thought in mind

“What the heck am I doing with my life???”

Thought its time for a change…and wola..what did I do…sweepy creep..NOTHING as usual

but when you are born..you are just not ready for that long jump…but its a promise I am making to myself…I will jump off the cliff of reluctancy and fear…no gliders or no ropes…but just hopes to make me feel and float alive..