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Life without a TITLE

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Every one has a dream..some look at achieving it after 20 years and some in a day…what ever teh cause may be…people still dream. I too have a dream…I dream that I have a dream which will help me from stop dreaming and have everythign in reality…dangerous as it may sound…the feeling would be freaky to see soemthign in your dreams right in front of your eyes..

nevermind whatever is written above…it was after all a dream…

Give it a shot!!…see a dream…and live it for one day…what ever the implications may be…just live your dream for one day…

the worst that would happen tomorrow is that you would nto be having the dream but there will always be a satisfaction that the dream is achieved…wont that be a better thing to do..


Author: krishhna

an IT guy in the land of Medicines...Son of a lovely lady...Friend to another lady who calls me her husband and buddy to a li'l cuddly chubby boy...eehhee...love you guys!!!

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