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Sick Pen and Stale Words

A name to blame it all 

And a shoulder to cry

I just cant stand it any more

Even if its ending with my fall


Pardon my negative words today

My pen is sick, and words stale

Help me with your words please

Will use them as what I would say


An animal real social, that is all me 

Its you who made me what I am 

A good soul now corrupted and manipulated

You are so helpless but please help me


Revive my sick pen and its stale thought

A day just grew on you, night still young

Time to show your charm, shed off the blood

Revive your inky nibs, many more battles to be fought




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Sleepy Sleepy

Overweight!!!…well..that’s what almost everyone think about me..to heck with them…even I think the same…I am a foodie and love to taste new stuffs…wonder why it all stays back in my pristine physique. One day i got really pissed off with the damn bugger in the mirror and decided to start off with exercises…and wola!!!..as always I wanted quick results…so there I was  watching endless videos on YouTube. I am sure you might be thinking what an “***” I am..hahaha..yes I sure am…but folks I did it very religiously for a month…early morning walks and runs…and I also did loose a few pounds…not sure from where it went though..I started feeling active..more energetic and few more things…and then the hooligans of laziness struck me hard..one day I woke up late..and for no good reason I decided to skip running…and this bloody morning was over a month ago…

WT”F”..I am again fed up…I am again over weight…and I am again starting to run…


and I am sure that pretty soon a morning will dawn with the hooligans of lazy land taking over my sound mind and round body..


over and out..

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A Miracle !!!

I dont read much but I do make sure that I do read something.

This is not a quote but a fact which is closely related to me. I just sit and read something which interests me at that point in time..would prefer to call myself an impulsive reader. It would someday be an unbelievable work of fiction or might be a plain old school book of philosophy. I also did read what I have written so far in my innumerous blogging attempts in the virtual world. One thing that I noticed is ..I always do start off with a negative stand…wonder why I do that…well…no grace marks for digging deep in to that topic…so its a negative start…and pushed towards some jibberish…with a neutral flavour…might be laced with another tint of negativity….again a layer of jibberish…and to conclude with what I think is the most brilliant lie ever written by anyone alive…wola!!!…


Today..I have decided to start off positive…and there is nothing more positive than a wonderful sunny day…”no conditions applied”…just a wonderful day…and a smile..good bad or ugly…just a smile…

so its now a wonderful day with a smile…

well…now to keep aside the jibberish…I do belive that a tinge of affirmation will do the trick…I do believe that the day is just beautiful and gad has given me anotther chance to look at the marvels he has created for me..yes its only for me…not being selfish here…Just a plain thought…Thank you lord!!!…

So its now a great day with a smile and full of beautiful things which god has created for me..

how about a sugary layer to add on to the sweetness…as the day progresses…I am with my loved ones and am able to make them smile like me…and yoohoo…I have few more smiles around me…not a pandemic…but smile is a positive healthy epidemic…its sure is building up good…

Its a smiling great day now with all gods marvels and my loved ones around me…

The work is done…oops..I missed…how could I…The all rosy juicy cherry on the top of this lovely sugary layer…I thought its my attitude…but its negative, I know that…haha…I thought its pereseverence…how can I be something which I cannot even spell…nah!!!…hmm…what about the smile…oooh..yes…its the smile again…a wide open and brilliant starry smile on top of the sugary layer…and its just the perfect thing I ever have made…what I have now is a

smiling great day with all gods marvels made for me…laced up with the smiles of my loved ones…and topped up with a blazing smile of togetherness and love…

Thank you lord!!!…


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Courtesy Call – TO THE WILD!!!

All for the li’l guy…we started off to pay a long pending visit to the Hyderabad zoo..to those not very familiar with this place…Hyderabad is a metro in the almost southern part of India…currently struggling to have an identity with a newly formed state…well…will leave that frustration to some other post…the zoo is almost 35 to 40 odd kms from the city…just off the traffic snarls…lies a paradise…a peaceful patch where our wild pals are left out in the open…not cages….each animal has a place dedicated and made according to their habitat….

Main Entry to the zoo

Main Entry to the zoo

We proceeded as per the plan…Main attraction of the visit was to catch up on Aadu’s old buddy…the white tiger…and also the near neighbour…the yawny Hippo..

Aadu's Favorite

Aadu’s Favorite




Even though we visited many great families of lions and zebra’s…I think I should put up this snap when Mr White had a visitor…

The royal couple

and finally the ring…It sure did fascinate me…
Zoo - Animal ring

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My first happy drop of tear

Slid down the only bubble of sorrow

For I had a new life, and a new meaning

It was just happiness, just right a tear could bear


It was him, my son, my true blessing

In my arms, sleepy though yet felt like a wink

He didn’t kick, but holding him was giving me one

I was speechless, but still heard angels singing


I did something bad, I am sorry my love

Left you alone, the time was short but I left

A word just for you and the lady besides you

I will be around, all around to cuddle and love


I promise to keep you happy, always for you two

To live for you with all my might and life

Love you my child, Love you for everything you are

Its not me who made you but Its you whom I belong to

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Breaking Up With Writer’s Block

Probably It got onto me…Fed up!!!…just cant live with you anymore…Bye Bye Mr Block..Happy Hunting for a table that has a pile of ideas gathering dust…ciao…

Angela Death

The Writing Prompt Boot Camp:  Day 1

It’s time for you and Writer’s Block to part ways. Write a letter breaking up with Writer’s Block, starting out with, “Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you, it’s me …”

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me.  You see, I really can’t live with you any longer.  You are smothering me and I can never seem to be myself when I am around you anymore.  It’s time I let my creativity flow through my fingertips and onto the computer screen.  I am tired of looking at blank pages and getting nowhere with my stories and poems.

I’m sorry, but I can’t say that I will even miss you.  I’ve felt this way for quite a long time and don’t know why I haven’t tried to break away sooner.  I guess I was scared of not having you as an excuse any longer for…

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