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In Honor of the Pencil

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Just couldnt help reblog..Thannks to the author for this wonderful post

Live to Write - Write to Live

Today I have this insatiable urge to commit pencil to paper. Not pen, not a keyboard, pencil. I have railed for years against the use of pencil because it smudges, it’s too hard to read and on and on. Yet lately, pencil to paper soothes my soul.

Scans of my three handwritten pages.

Some days, I am content with a pen. Perhaps those are the days when I know I’m writing something worth keeping for sure. Some days, I can sit down at the keyboard and the words flow from my fingers. Usually when I’m drawn to the keyboard I have an idea in mind, a rant I want to relieve myself of, or character or scene just itching to be revealed.  It seems pencil is my tool of choice when I know I need to write but don’t have a particular topic in mind. Perhaps pencil is my warm up? Maybe pencil is the road…

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Author: krishhna

an IT guy in the land of Medicines...Son of a lovely lady...Friend to another lady who calls me her husband and buddy to a li'l cuddly chubby boy...eehhee...love you guys!!!

One thought on “In Honor of the Pencil

  1. Thanks for stopping by to follow my blog, I really appreciate it. I love your blog name, haha.

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