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Just a note & something about Thought Detox

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The last post was sad..ill timed and pathetically written…yay!!!…That’s my review…sounded like a geography note and a picture which looked nothing closer to the wonder town mentioned in the post…well…it was just to complete a writing urge…to write something…really something at all…and that is exactly what I felt at that point in time… 🙂 … It sure is freaking good to apologize and criticize your self out loud in the public..rather on a public forum…

I am not able to think of a topic to write and am just noting down what ever is coming to my mind as the fingers are prying on the keyboard..have an urge to write about the laptop but pushing it back…there is an aroma that is coming from the kitchen…wonder what my mother is putting together in her lab today…

I wonder whether I should delete this post…and there is a subconscious note which says that I should not…

hmmm…oh! darn…blank again…

Its probably linked to an idea which I had last night…to have a day of moun-vruta..Its all about being silent (Mouna) for a day…I think my SELF has taken it a bit to seriously considering that tooth ache which has been bothering me since few days now…well…back to the silence…we have a detox diet to clear our colon and the gut…wonder how that happens!!…will have to check with my wifey (not sue whether this line was actually needed here…hehehe)..is it actually possible to cleanse your thoughts by going in for a thought detoxification..something to cleanse our minds for fresher thoughts and brighter ideas…I am not sure how yoga would work..

Before Yoga

           –> Grocery shopping / work / thought 1 / thought 2



After Yoga

          —> Thought 1 / thought 2 / Work / someone nagging…and so it goes…


I don’t know …honestly I don’t know this will work but sure have to try it someday…a day of silence…a day away from everything and everyone…from all that I know…no phones…no mails…and above all and above everything…



F O R    O N E    F U L L    D A Y   ! ! !

Gee 😀



Author: krishhna

an IT guy in the land of Medicines...Son of a lovely lady...Friend to another lady who calls me her husband and buddy to a li'l cuddly chubby boy...eehhee...love you guys!!!

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