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Riding high on his brown persian war horse, Abdul was the last one to enter the make shift army camp. It was way too dark that day and even the moon hid behind the clouds. The day which went by was catastrophic for Abdul’s camp. Even though the attack of the raiders from the eastern bank was not a surprise, many from his brigade fell to the sharper weapons.

In his tent, Abdul paced feverishly and turned back every other moment as if he was expecting someone. His messenger was to arrive 2 days back. There has been no news from the western zones as well.

Lost in his thoughts, he gulped in the last glass of Arak. While the drink burned its way down, Abdul heard his name being called out. He rushed out to see a perplexed sentry screaming out, pointing towards the nearby woods. As they watched, a horse gallopped in. Perched on top was a dead rider who had a note tightly held in his grasp.

Quickly regaining from the shock, Abdul pulled out the note out of his messenger’s hand.

Even in the shock and the greif of losing his men, a smile spread over his bearded face. The message was from his ally. It just had one line engraved…

“Sparrow flies north…it will soon be dawn” 


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My Buddy

I once had a buddy living in a tree
Forget those at home, even I thought I am mad
I spoke to him, life was real good around
He was sure to make his mark on falling leaves

Life stood still but time flew by
I grew limbs all four and mass inside my skull
Got the power to think, I still had my buddy
Something beating within me kept him all alive

Then came a day, I thought its good to think more
Wanted more of life, eager to slash all that stood along
Opened my eyes to a tree, all mighty and blocking my way
Felt pity, eyes rolled and the beat in me got faster

I brought it down, the old tree and its might
when it fell, I was glad but something in me was hurt
saw crushed roots and torn leaves, a fruit not yet ripe
tears rushed, hard were the beats and my lost buddy

Besides the fallen tree, was a small twig
of my size long back when I had my buddy
Looking up to me for care, It was lost as I was then
with roots very deep, in the ground through my heart


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Call for freedom…still love being bounded

I am not sure about anything these days. Might sound negative or positive for pessimists. I just dont care anymore. Wonder what has got into me. Too much of depency on anything is absolutely not good for you..Its much like a quick shot of Malibu once in an year and taking local rum daily..I dont know what I am writing or why I am writing this. But I have decided to go in for a therapy session. I plan to vent out all that is there in my mind..probalbly very much unstructured..no very much unstructured for sure..on this blog..folks might read..or they might just ignore..but the crux is that I will feel good and thanks to the inventors of the internet and those great souls who came up with the idea of having blogs.

There have been a few losses in my life which has left me shattered to the core. Was either the passing away of a parent or someone whom I admired a lot. I have somehow tamed myself to live with the handful of memories which they have left behind. Probably all this and many more has impacted me. I am not sure but somehow I have a strong feeling about this. Like my dad..I too find solace in writing out my mind…He sure IS my biggest inspiration..He might be probably sitting next to Hemingway up in heaven and wondering what I am doing…wow!!…I simply love that thought…well..

My mind seems to be draining itself out now..and I am getting a thought whether I should actually publish this post or not..Yoohoo!!..I am cured..all that was missing is finally falling in place…

Another lesson learned the hard way..no matter who ever you have around you…and now matter how much they love you…there should be a perimeter that should be maintained between you and them..Its not thatyou dont love them or that they mean something less…Its just for you to be happy…NO MATTER WHAT !!!