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A week without a note

A full week of no writing..have many pointers but will not blame anyone..My toddler buddy, My work, My Mom and Wife..no one..coz what went by..is already gone and will be of no use blaming anyone for it..well thats enough to start..Herewith welcoming another weekend..

A weekend which is already planned to be busy..out shopping…appointment with medics…family time out…studying for the upcoming exams and that document which I couldnt finish while at work…

Ciao..over and out..

Hey…and wish you all a wonderfull weekend ahead…and good luck to all the teams in the 2nd round..



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Last bit for the week…

Yay!!!…Its friday…time to be away from work for two full days…away from the morning traffic…away from the bye bye’s and the
hurried breakfasts..

well…In your dreams..

Weekends are for cleaning…Its for grocery shopping…Its for all those things which you couldnt or didnt do during the week due to your work…

So..on that note…

A very happy weekend to all of you…from the City of Nizams..Hyderabad in India…

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Moment of Truth!

Between the last moment of a day and night
Stood the moment which I dare call life
A little blink and its gone forever
Quotes the wrong and all the right

Sat in solitude,among the many faces I know
Thinking deep about the truth I now face
My mission, the purpose of why I was born
A burning mind and a soul covered in snow

Loved ones I lost along the way till today
The ones I hated for reasons all unknown
All the thoughts, real good and many bad
All boiling down to one, my life my way

Chose to let them rule, My kingdom in heaven
They did, their way and I stood watching sad
Was angry, was eager to change things my way
It came back, this moment of truth all in vain

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Out Goes a fav in the cup…..Chilies are real (S)pain!!!!

My second fav team Spain got eliminated from the World Cup at the first stage after their 2-0 defeat by Chile at the Maracana on Wednesday..It really took a while to digest this and now I am wondering whether the previous world cup was afterall full of luck and nothing else…haha…never mind…well played folks..c ya around next time…

It was almost certain after Xavi and Gerard were dropped after the team’s first defeat against Holland at the beginning of this season…I sure did expect Valdes to do wonders but wola!!…he was not playing due to injuries… 😦

Things sure did go wrong with the teams defense…which was always quoted as the major reason behind their previous world cup haul…Ramos was not seen teaming up to strengthen the team as he did last time…overall..it was not their day yesterday…

Spain held up to a method that worked so well in the past for them rather than adapting to the new orders… It was however going to be tough for the European nation to win a cup in the American continent…which has never ever happened before…

As I read in another site…regarding Conferedations cup finals where the two top teams Brazil and Spain locked horns…and the Europeans lost to Seleçao by a 0-3..and the jinx continues….

Well…now that the Europeans are gone…I need to shift gears and move on to my all time fav team…The team which I stopped following after I fell in love with the red fury…the team which mesmerizes their fans with the samba swings…the Pentacampeoes…the Five time champions…

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I had a dream!!!

 When I was a boy, I dreamt of a place far
A barn it was, with a cow and a big fan
Was all green and had stacks of hay all around
Cant be there anyday I know, I am way too far

By the cow was my ride, a pony all pink and sweet
With ribbons tied on its tail, it flew happy and gay
Two wings all braid in gold, shining bright high above
Cant be around I know, sure that we can never meet

Near the barn was my love, a girl real pretty and cute
Running around all day long, real happy and real alive
She was my love, my friend I dream of making mine
Cant be there I know, sure that love forever is refute

The place I dreamt so far, when I was a boy small
Is still there with me around near the pony now grown
My girl, my love my friend by my side, all day long
Cant go back I know, A wish fullfilled never to fall

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Wish – The child of a dream

Deep within the valley of thoughts and dreams
Was born a wish, a dream to be happy and free
To be away from what binds and all which stops
To break free from everything,to live and not die

A wish to breath in the scent of a fresh rain
To relieve the feeling of being born again
A wish to feel the wind, blowing through my mind
To move far from the pains around, to live and be numb

Newly born was the wish, forbidden child of a dream
Full of hope, full of belief and a will to fly
It was crushed, under the hard cold fact of life
Didnt die but was silent, awaiting the heavenly call

Life was new so was the will to live it new
Sleepy was the wish but full was the might within
Reborn, and regained now to fight forward to live
Its me and my pen, the wish now together to go far

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In Hell thru Heaven

Beyond the barbed wire, beyond the dust
Way past the fallen tree and a rusty axe
Lies in solitude,the mind of a wanderer
Hidden deep in a body, battered and bruised

His only hope was a prayer,Just one to say
Forgot it all, the ways and the gods all gone
Heavens took pity, Hell denied an entry
He wandered free, his blood dried and eyes dead

Far across, was born a prayer full of hope
was not love, neither was it a call for help
He was born of her, her blood feeding his heart
His mother, A prayer for bringing him home

It did rain that day, the day he entered hell
Lived a victor and so did he die as one
Was pushed ahead in heaven, for he forgot his self
His tear, the last drop of a heavenly relieving rain