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Out Goes a fav in the cup…..Chilies are real (S)pain!!!!

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My second fav team Spain got eliminated from the World Cup at the first stage after their 2-0 defeat by Chile at the Maracana on Wednesday..It really took a while to digest this and now I am wondering whether the previous world cup was afterall full of luck and nothing else…haha…never mind…well played folks..c ya around next time…

It was almost certain after Xavi and Gerard were dropped after the team’s first defeat against Holland at the beginning of this season…I sure did expect Valdes to do wonders but wola!!…he was not playing due to injuries… 😦

Things sure did go wrong with the teams defense…which was always quoted as the major reason behind their previous world cup haul…Ramos was not seen teaming up to strengthen the team as he did last time…overall..it was not their day yesterday…

Spain held up to a method that worked so well in the past for them rather than adapting to the new orders… It was however going to be tough for the European nation to win a cup in the American continent…which has never ever happened before…

As I read in another site…regarding Conferedations cup finals where the two top teams Brazil and Spain locked horns…and the Europeans lost to Seleçao by a 0-3..and the jinx continues….

Well…now that the Europeans are gone…I need to shift gears and move on to my all time fav team…The team which I stopped following after I fell in love with the red fury…the team which mesmerizes their fans with the samba swings…the Pentacampeoes…the Five time champions…


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