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Word of the day – “Family” -Poem

I am back…off my bed…with the nostalgia of weakness still prevailing…I want to lie down for a while more since I am not sick anymore…It will be my privilage to write about a bunch of people who stood by me when I was all down and under…my Family…

My love and the ones I love
We complete one,we are one
been through thick and thin
Its all care under our skin

Nothing is hidden, all of us know
we fight it out, but do stay true
we cry, we laugh and may cry again
For us, nothing is ever in vain

A naughty little life form, a dear bit of love
ageing eyes, who have seen much more
my love, a lady who knows to care
and all that we know, is just to share

thank you lord!, for the world so great
thank you lord!, for the joys all nice
thank you lord!, for my time around
For all the love to care and surround


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Word of the day – “Fever”

I was lying still on my bed all through the weekend. down with high grade fever. Now limping back to normal. Wonder what would be a better topic to write about that something which kept me pinched down all these days…

Lying still, feeling embodied to my bed
freezing and sweating under my blanket
rushed visits to the medicine man
it seems to be a “virus” now in love with me

weak beyond limits, I wanted to write my word
a sound, an only sound that came out was a sneeze
burning in desire makes you good, not does fever
out cold, knocked out, laid still waiting to sleep

I am now back shivering like a leaf, real weak
an aching head, a bitter taste and an urge to sleep
need to focus on the long list to do, now at work
sleep tight dear virus, off to live strong leaving you

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Thank you :)

A weekend ahead…Have been longing for this since last Monday…A wonderful work week.

Thank you everyone around me..physically..virtually..electronically…and in whichever way you prefer..

Thank you my dear city..Thank you to the city from which I came from..Thanks for everything.

Thank you almighty for the wonderful week which went by..

Pray that everyone gets their share of happiness

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A Fearful Fear


He was scared for some reason unknown ..It made him go jitters at night. Sometimes it was the fear of crawlers. Sometimes it was facing the crowd..it could be a person whom he disliked or respected. He was equally scared about anything and everything known to him. If there is anything happening around him which is “Good”, he sat and wondered how everything went well..and why didn’t something bad happen…

I know what I am saying is all sounding pure rubbish but its the truth…a bitter truth…
I tried may things to throw away this habit but nothing helped…

It was and is writing about this feeling which has brought me some level of confidence.

This is not a personality disorder or any newly founded ailment..I am perfectly in sound health by the grace of god. The only thing i need to do properly is something to control my fear..phobophobia..or the fear of being afraid…

I have worked around a solution for this..

Step 1 >
List down all my fears
Gosh I was surprised to see that the list was endless

Step 2 >
Mention what I can do to fix each fear
(Many are still blank)

After I started doing this…I can really see a difference in the way I am dealing with things. . My anger levels have come down and I can see a visible difference in my day to day life.
well…that helped clear off some clutter in my mind..

Thanks for reading this note. Honestly it did not mean anything or made any sense to me either..

god bless !!!

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Word of the day– – “Love” – -Poem

First a blossom in the burning sun
A calming breeze in the desert storm
A presence her sight, now my life
Believe its love, from yours to mine

Lost in thoughts, my days were bright
Her love was hearty, she owned my thoughts
Brighter was the sun, charming the moon
May be the stars, now in an ocean of charm

Laughs were loving, smiles were charming
I did change, was a new man, new born
She, a charm now my luck for life ahead
And maybe, an angel beyond my last

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Word of the day – – “Waves” – -Poem

Just before the rocking wind
all above the catchy lines
deep in the spread of blue
a dream began, off to the coast
pushing past the black and blues
bubbling up the airy love
went through the stone hedge
crashed in to the sandy arms

spreading love, spreading hope
the dream, small but now grown
born is a new dream, off the passing wind
a journey begins, off to the sandy shore

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A word a day..Challenge

Its time to jump off the greens… Its time to jump out of the comfort zone which I have concealed myself in. I have decided to push myself to a challenge. Have decided to take up a challenge very much similar to what many friendly bloggers have taken up. One word for every week. And this word will have a related write up to it. It will be a write up and no photographs will be uploaded. Let me see how I will go through this 🙂

and wola!!1..it will be a pre-decided week…