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Death for one day

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Its sometimes very good to clarify what you are trying to make someone understand. It could be direct, indirect or even through silence. The only thing which matters here is the impact which your statement is supposed to make. Few lines on the one day which I want for myself…for only me…to vanquish the selfish turning hag in me and to purify the stained soul of mine…to feel blessed and return to the bucket of love and be HAPPY

skies dripped blood at the far horizon
wounded and left there to die alone
a corrupt mind and a soul withering within
time stood silent waiting for the final gasp

Need some time, to clean up my closet
Need some time, to gather up my courage
Need some time, to be born strong again
Need some time, to be what I really am

some laughed, few heard but pretended deaf
stood up with waggling knees and closed eyes
moved ahead to a self made oblivion, of thoughts
moving far from all, to live just a day of my own




Author: krishhna

an IT guy in the land of Medicines...Son of a lovely lady...Friend to another lady who calls me her husband and buddy to a li'l cuddly chubby boy...eehhee...love you guys!!!

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