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Thank you…

As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone.

A special note of thanks for the feedbacks, the appreciations and the point blank criticisms.

It sure did help me a lot and I do hope that the new year brings along the better side of my writing.

Thanks again


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Back from Slumber

Took a break..a break from everything..or thats what I had thought to do…the first few days were amazing…no blogging..no writing…no deadlines..just…spend time on social media sites when ever I have some time to spare…

Quick checks and glances on whatsapp and hours together on facebook…eehee..was fun..got many of my old buddies back..but lost one…ME

Let me see how addicted I am to the social network…have kept aside all my accounts and have polished up my will to stay away from them…