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A silent strike

Many people claim to be very particular about how people should behave but usually upset people with their behaviour patterns. After an outburst they start blaming the situation or a bitter experience which had occured in the past. Not sure whether its the situation or the commonsense of the people around them, the incident goes unnoticed. This could be rage on the road or spanking your kid. An incident which I saw once changed my view point about behaviour to others. At a food joint which is very popular in my city, we were four waiting to gather our coupons at the counter. Suddenly one guy, all ragged up jumped the line and went straight to thw counter. He placed the order. The guy at the counter was courteous enough to not take his order and was perplexed. But it was the behaviour of the person in front of me which pushed me to think about how we can impact others even by doing nothing. This person simply moved back and said “I am in no hurry..take his order”. wonder what the miracle was, the person who jumped the line, looked perplexed and making a silly face moved towards the end of the line. I dont think he even took his order and left the place. No one said a word but the message was clearly conveyed across to everyone without anything being said.


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Shadow – Poem

My smile missed his thoughts
lost the agony, he was forgiven
tears now dried, soul regained
hurt died and hate buried deep down

still do rise, some days after dark
seeping tears of the days lost
nothing to fight, none to conquer
shadows of a lost battle,shattered

rose now shining,might of my self
standing tall, with pride and strong
never to wither in a mellow breeze
haunted still, by a shadow long gone