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A Happy Song!!

I am so happy, I really can fly high

riding on the wings of my dreams

soaring past the stormy clouds

dashing through the windy waves


Never to pause, never to stop

Up and up above the ocean blues

Soaked in starry dust and milky waves

In the warmth of one big red bloom


Deep down, left back down was my soul

shocked and stoned, drowned in desires

my heart still soares, way past the blue balls

I am so happy, I am all alive and light


will miss my days, my days of love

a day when they fed me to the fire

a day when I became a light, real divine

heaven in sight, a soul with life missing


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Poem – I am not a poet

I am not a poet, cannot word my thoughts

words fly off my mind, a few do block

Thoughts do creep out, to an empty mind

flower n flourish, they do fly real glad


I am not a poet, my thoughts never bloom

dreams do come and go, but seldom stay

wishes much alike, do become dreams

a plan made, kept safe only to be lost


I am not a poet, my words are not alive

thoughts, dreams and wishes, all around

a lost mind, a real wanderer of a soul

hunting around, never stops but dead


I am not a poet, a wish I was

A word a day, or just a thought

A mind eager, grim with dreams

what I lost is the will to write.