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The World Today

A world that is burning
Hatred smoked in violent fumes
To kill is a sport, its even more
watchout, the wheel’s grinding

Hidden behind our fear
Way beyond their filty angst
A fake will to fight back and win
we now live scared of those near

Never rise, stay low till you die
Scared and pushed, it sure will last
Its today when those dead should rise
A force fired by our screams, a war cry

No need to fight, they sure will win
Beware, burning is the filth in their minds
Help’em wash the guilt, they ain’t all bad
To kill a heavenly hand, to care a deadly sin


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Going Offline

Its been a while since I took to blogging..Not that it did make a difference to anyone..but personally I felt it was a great time spent off the hook..or in normal terms..going offline..poems were written in ink on a newly acquired journal…thoughts were scribbled in the cozy-ness of our new seating space…All good but the social attendance has made such a space in my soul..It was an empty feeling of not checking my phone every minute it blinked…needless to say ..my stained soul…even though not very much cleansed…It sure does understand where to stop these days..

A word of thanks to someone who really made it happen..someone I really feel proud about…ME!!!