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A Thought, A Letter, A Word…and that’s life…

I stood looking at the encapsulating rain almost lost in a sense of tranquility. All the thoughts which used to bother me earlier were themselves lost or might have found another brain worthy enough.

It was on this day 6 years back, I lost him. He who had brought me into the world of words. He who shook away everything he ever had, for me. Lived hard and brought me all that he every could.

Thanks Dad. Miss you.





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He who writes a word
Dreams a brave new world
He who did read a word
Sees a whole new world

He who takes each step slow
Dreams a place unknown
He who strides ahead alone
Knows a way, a land but known

He who dreams, seldom thinks
unknown beckons, plunge taken
He who thinks, seldom dreams
the known, that he aims for



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A World A-part

Confused?..no…Its not confusion…Probably some sort of an apprehension…wait…not that either…Its something else…Is it plain fear…blah!!..but why should I be scared ?…if its none of the above then…what in the world is it?…I am not sure and am also sure that many of us are not…

There are days when you just get up feeling scared or lost or drowned with a severe state of empathy…Today is such a day…and trust me I don’t know what I am writing either…so..if you are still reading this…gracious!!!…please pardon me for saying that you are also in the same league as I am…

Pleasure meeting you mate….

………..ok…OFF I go…another day getting through with a self made and self imposed block…





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Bye Bye Birdie!!!

It will even put a Phoenix to shame if I compare my blog revivals. It has been a constant practice since few years. One fine day I would wake up and feel guilty about not writing anything. And a vicious cycle starts off…I would reset my password…login to “word press”..go through my blog page…wonder how it will look like…think of a miracle where more than “x” number of people would have liked or commented on my page…only to face the truth that none visited the page when I was out. So everything changes and I am in full vigor to write something. Something similar to a bowl filled to the brim..All sort of ideas which I think are great. I will make up a plan and plan on planning it as a better plan and so goes the plan…well…2 more poems or few articles (rather notes…)…and everything dies down or I get bogged down by my daily commitments…only to be reminded some other day to wake up and write…

So…much like old times sake…its time to bid bye bye to the burning bird…am back…and this time I sure plan to stay here for long…

see you around cronies…

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Digital Death

I dreamt of waking up alone
Saw my phone was dead
Laid lifeless besides my head
Last ray of hope was now gone

With none to talk to, i just froze
My pad blinked, it was bidding goodbyes
Drained of thoughts, feeding my eyes
None to talk, now gone were my shows

Hope prevailed with my band, my magic wand
Stood still, told me when to snooze or run
Obeyed blind, life I felt was all fun
My heart now failed, love never caught its hand

I died, dead till the monsters bounce back to life
Once alive, to decide and lead my life and throne
Be led by them, in the river of pulse and tone
Woke up, digitally dead for the days ahead