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Senoritas, I bow to thee!!!

Her smile just stroke my cheeks
Her thoughts made me smile
A wish so deep, lost in my heart
Is now out, my love for her

Ageing is my heart, a young soul
Went grey my hair, dreams still stay
Reborn is my mind, infant are my thoughts
You my lady, my mother and my love


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He who writes a word
Dreams a brave new world
He who did read a word
Sees a whole new world

He who takes each step slow
Dreams a place unknown
He who strides ahead alone
Knows a way, a land but known

He who dreams, seldom thinks
unknown beckons, plunge taken
He who thinks, seldom dreams
the known, that he aims for



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Digital Death

I dreamt of waking up alone
Saw my phone was dead
Laid lifeless besides my head
Last ray of hope was now gone

With none to talk to, i just froze
My pad blinked, it was bidding goodbyes
Drained of thoughts, feeding my eyes
None to talk, now gone were my shows

Hope prevailed with my band, my magic wand
Stood still, told me when to snooze or run
Obeyed blind, life I felt was all fun
My heart now failed, love never caught its hand

I died, dead till the monsters bounce back to life
Once alive, to decide and lead my life and throne
Be led by them, in the river of pulse and tone
Woke up, digitally dead for the days ahead

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Glazed were the rocks
Like dream sprouts of my mind
Splashy and brothy were the waves
Of my mind, unruly yet mannered
I looked up, deep into his weary eyes
Old, battered but ready for more
Had seen much of life, still young a soul
A man, self made but he never said so
Faded in the curtains of time, he still lives
Lost him but gained something I call life
The one reason i live, as free as I could
Am a part of him, and he is all in me
Promise to stand tall, beside you my boy
Will look down, for you when you grow
A day I will be old and grey, for sure
Will be around, waiting for you to look up

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The World Today

A world that is burning
Hatred smoked in violent fumes
To kill is a sport, its even more
watchout, the wheel’s grinding

Hidden behind our fear
Way beyond their filty angst
A fake will to fight back and win
we now live scared of those near

Never rise, stay low till you die
Scared and pushed, it sure will last
Its today when those dead should rise
A force fired by our screams, a war cry

No need to fight, they sure will win
Beware, burning is the filth in their minds
Help’em wash the guilt, they ain’t all bad
To kill a heavenly hand, to care a deadly sin

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A Happy Song!!

I am so happy, I really can fly high

riding on the wings of my dreams

soaring past the stormy clouds

dashing through the windy waves


Never to pause, never to stop

Up and up above the ocean blues

Soaked in starry dust and milky waves

In the warmth of one big red bloom


Deep down, left back down was my soul

shocked and stoned, drowned in desires

my heart still soares, way past the blue balls

I am so happy, I am all alive and light


will miss my days, my days of love

a day when they fed me to the fire

a day when I became a light, real divine

heaven in sight, a soul with life missing

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Shadow – Poem

My smile missed his thoughts
lost the agony, he was forgiven
tears now dried, soul regained
hurt died and hate buried deep down

still do rise, some days after dark
seeping tears of the days lost
nothing to fight, none to conquer
shadows of a lost battle,shattered

rose now shining,might of my self
standing tall, with pride and strong
never to wither in a mellow breeze
haunted still, by a shadow long gone