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Few Bad Lines

When rhymes don’t match
When the lines don’t catch
When you just write to write
A bad verse is just right

Food for the critics, to gulp it full
Nothing hard for the brain in your skull
The line above was real crap
Don’t mistake it for a rap

Those who talk sometimes do scream
The writers find something to dream
Just love this flow, it’s what I am
Not a poet, but one who writes bad lines


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For the days left…

I have been living for you
The way you always wanted
Thinking like you and about you
I was almost dead when born

Today, I am not reborn so are you
No light told me to live alone
A thought that just froze my time
What if I die before time

I have not done anything
I have not lived for myself
I did nothing for anyone
Leave few things that don’t matter

Today, if I die I will surely cry
My way of life now takes a turn
With days numbered for everyone
Why should I care, I will just leave….

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I wonder why….

When the day shines bright

Why do we a moon at night

I wonder why its so bright

And less of a light at night

With the oceans so big and wide

Washing ashore with every tide

I wonder why it loves the land

Every wave sweeps away some sand

When the winds do scream

And the trees sway in their realm

I wonder why the leaves dance

Just to fall off in a trance

I wonder why I just wrote

I wonder why you just read

I wonder the way this works

I wonder to wonder over and over….


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Miss you

You were my hero

You were my star

Filling eyes says it all

Just miss you Dad


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My day..

One day, I will have the say

And they all will come my way

Today, I am walking their way

Obeying all that they say

I pray a lot but never try

I cry a lot and I really cry

Behold, it’s their voice

I now should pretend to try


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A Thought, A Letter, A Word…and that’s life…

I stood looking at the encapsulating rain almost lost in a sense of tranquility. All the thoughts which used to bother me earlier were themselves lost or might have found another brain worthy enough.

It was on this day 6 years back, I lost him. He who had brought me into the world of words. He who shook away everything he ever had, for me. Lived hard and brought me all that he every could.

Thanks Dad. Miss you.





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A World A-part

Confused?..no…Its not confusion…Probably some sort of an apprehension…wait…not that either…Its something else…Is it plain fear…blah!!..but why should I be scared ?…if its none of the above then…what in the world is it?…I am not sure and am also sure that many of us are not…

There are days when you just get up feeling scared or lost or drowned with a severe state of empathy…Today is such a day…and trust me I don’t know what I am writing either…so..if you are still reading this…gracious!!!…please pardon me for saying that you are also in the same league as I am…

Pleasure meeting you mate….

………..ok…OFF I go…another day getting through with a self made and self imposed block…