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Life in a rear view mirror

When I drive my car..I sometimes feel confused about the message that objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear. Think in what I usually call the off road mode..Think about life..Think about you..Think what would have happened if you had some kind of a rear view mirror in place for your life..All those memories..Good-Bad or ugly will stand behind your shoulder ..pretty larger than they appear..I am not sure what would happen in case of a memory loss though..Well..keeping aside a broken funny bone which I have, I would say that the thing which I hate to have in life is a mirror..It reminds me that I am fat..It reminds me that I am haviing a bad hair day..It reminds me that everyday morning I am getting up..and going to work..all this and at the end of a day, It again reminds me “you are not what you think you are”.

Well..Not sure how I would react If I see that “bad memory stuff” standing behind my shoulder saying ooh-lala..