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He who writes a word
Dreams a brave new world
He who did read a word
Sees a whole new world

He who takes each step slow
Dreams a place unknown
He who strides ahead alone
Knows a way, a land but known

He who dreams, seldom thinks
unknown beckons, plunge taken
He who thinks, seldom dreams
the known, that he aims for




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Stained soul

The first shot of black coffee combined with a disaster struck news on a popular tv channel, made me realise how much a weakling I am.

A perfect Yes-Man and a down-to earth humble monger. Wow..I am so happy..So loyal and so much frightened..but..things were changing with the coffee sips to follow..Even though its an evolution..what I didnt notice was the stain this has left on my soul..Naah..am not going to listen to those endless sermons about cleaning the thoughts or to go through some book about improving my thinking skills..I believe that these would help only when I feel that there is a problem around me..

When am myself saying that I am aware of what I am, where does the problem lie. It has got nothing to do with the place of work or whom I work with..Its just that this is the way I am…

Now…just¬†a couple of questions…

Are you really happy…Are you satisfied..and finally Why are you doing this to yourself?